I have a Webcomic.

My deviantart is by the same username.
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i’d like to thank Wolf Among Us for helping me to get over my fear of beards.

guys look at this wombat.

more attempts to nail down a design for faerie God, but he ended up looking sorta like a teenager.

So baby god. God puberty. Also having difficulty dealing with the fact that Gwynnie is Welsh and my faeries speak irish. Cultural melting pot, or just me admitting that irish mythology is IMPENETRABLY CONFUSING.

okay so i’m trying to write the next comic right now

  • i don’t want it to be too long
  • i hope this framing device isn’t forced
  • where does the origin story go that it won’t take all day and also make sense
  • make sure all your characters don’t act like the same guy
  • sex??? How can you make that fit anywhere gracefully??

things are hard. comics are hard. writing is harddd

i’m back.


brontophobic asked: Could you do Houndoom with something like "I think leaving scorch marks on the carpet is hilarious"

that makes it sound like he’s been scooting his butt along the carpet and it caught fire.

Hey guys, I’m gonna be at San Japan friday-sunday

If anybody’s gonna be there (san antonio, tx area), feel free to stop and chat with me! I love meeting chill people.

For reference, i will be dressed like this:

figydaflygon asked: psst, your espeon pokeshaming pic, along with mine, got tossed together in a an unsourced "masterpost" by 12janus ;n; just thought I'd let you know in case you want to do something about it (I figured they didn't ask you either)

Uh, yeah, that’s not okay. Their ask box isn’t open, but uncool, man. Seriously.

the pokemon shaming thing is now on kotaku

my pic’s not there, but i don’t care ON MY RESUME IT GOES