I have a Webcomic.

My deviantart is by the same username.
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I am spooky now.

i literally need to change nothing about my icon to make it spoopy.

I might anyway.

a belated birthday gift for my brother, ladgadlad. He’s a huge yogscast fan.

But seriously i will tolerate no boner jokes in my ninja turtles.

We’re polite here.

Oh jeez, there’s been an essay killing me BUT I’M BACK.

i’ve been surrounded by essays on industrial hemp for school and i don’t have time to comic properly, just post pictures i drew during lectures.

leatherhead’s ports aren’t all in the right place ‘cause i didn’t have reference.

I’ve been reflecting on all my favorite characters from series and shows i like, and i’ve realized that they’re all furries in non-furry settings.

Shallow as a puddle.

hey guys, i’m trying to make a gif, but even though it’s transparent, it keeps showing up with the ugly black /there’snothingthere background when i try to preview it on tumblr. Am i doing something wrong?