I have a Webcomic.

My deviantart is by the same username.
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is the ‘artists on tumblr’ tag a thing anyone can use or only big time full mega bros like Endling?

deafcanadian asked: The mouse on the left looks like he is angrily watching people

yeah, really.

Leo, babe, the winter soldier look is just really doin’ it for ya lately.

A good inking exercise, and i enjoy giving them wittle tails.

sadoranortica asked: I saw the post about Venus and I felt like sharing. I did a fan fiction for 2012 to bring her in. It wouldn't really fit with the show now since I had Karai with Shredder. Anyway, I had it dark. Since Shredder has an alliance with the Kraang, he gets some mutagen and mutates a lot of turtles to experiment on, to better know his enemy. By the time the Turtles go to investigate there is only one surviving mutated turtle left. Venus. I have her a few years younger, and boobless. XD


that sounds cool!! she would definitely be easier to do in the 2012 show rather than IDW, and i like your origin a lot! you could also have failed turtle experiments show up, all messed up and monstrous. :O Venus could even lead her own group of reject turtle mutants!! maybe the reason they call her Venus de Milo is because she’s armless like the statue and instead has bionic robot arms with ninja weapons housed in them!!!

like this idea

All this Five Nights at Freddy’s stuff reminds me that the older, more ghetto Chuck-E-Cheese here in Austin is supposed to be haunted, so the legend goes. Supposedly, the place was previously a grocery store where a cashier hung himself, so naturally, the rumor was that the security guards caught the animatronics moving at night.



iwillseetheocean asked: Hello! A friend & I just started a Podcast. It's supes in its puppy stage but I was hoping to try to make it look a bit nicer with some artwork. My question is are you planning on doing commissions anytime soon?

Heck, i do ‘em right now.

coolasaflame asked: Sending love and good vibes for you, your grandma and your family. <3

Thank you <3

I’m really worried about my grandma right now. She’s in the hospital and they don’t know what’s wrong with her.