I have a Webcomic.

My deviantart is by the same username.
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hey guys, i’m trying to make a gif, but even though it’s transparent, it keeps showing up with the ugly black /there’snothingthere background when i try to preview it on tumblr. Am i doing something wrong?

more sketches. School is good for the creative juices, i swear. Some of these will probably be finished.

zedrin-maybe asked: Hey, thanks again for letting us borrow your Espeon idea for the Pokemon shaming cartoon! If you wanna check it out, it's at /watch?v=oO8LMQXzrSo, or it should show up as the most recent post on the 'sillyfillystudios' URL

Wow, this is incredible work! Thank you!

Sorry that this is basically a title page, but i just got a new tablet pen. New pages with more substance are on the way! (i have them penciled in advance)
…jesus christ i hope this skyline looks okay


When i’m sad i just look up that lady on deviantart who only draws pregnant rollercoasters.

my tablet pen basically broke on me, so until i can get a new one in a few days this is basically the best i can do to this sketch. 

My comic Psychopomp is back, beginning the new chapter, The Hanged Man!

Now that they are officially in the same universe i can safely say that ONLY once Mr. Tawny and Constantine become buddy cops will we have reached the ultimate low/high point in comics.